Barcelona 24.03.19

We were flying to Barcelona for a few days away. It was a few months before we moved into our first home so agreed it would be on a budget. Little did I know, Brendon had other plans.

As we stepped off the plane, we were met by a chauffeur and that’s where Brendon said to me there would be 3 surprises this weekend and this private transfer in a big posh Mercedes was the first one. Deep down I was grateful to be swapping the tube for a back seat mini bar and air conditioning!

Nothing ever really gets past me so looking back I don’t know how I didn’t think, but I just thought aww cute he’s upgraded the hotel room or something. Anyway we arrive at our gorgeous hotel with a private rooftop pool and agreed heading out straight away for drinks in the sunset on our first evening was what we wanted to do. I sensed Brendon was rushing a bit at the time, he kept saying 'how long will you be' while I was re applying make-up (pet peeve is being rushed!) but to be honest I thought he was just desperate for a beer in the Spanish sunshine. Also, when he was getting ready he had something in his jeans pocket making it visibly harder for him to get them on, I remember saying to him you wont struggle if you take out whatever is in your pocket. 'Oh its only my wallet' he said.


Looking back I just think how did I not realise at this point, but I was already on cloud 9 just to be in the Spanish sunshine knowing I was minutes away from sangria and tapas.

After quickly getting ready we headed out for a stroll along the marina. I kept making him stop to take pictures and get selfies with me. Do you think he looks nervous here? Knowing Brendon and looking back now, I can only imagine what was going through his mind when I was saying 'just one more'.

The sun soon started to set and we got a little closer to the marina where there was a pier with hardly anyone around. Brendon said ‘are you ready for surprise number 2?’ and before I could say anything else he asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him as he held out a diamond solitaire ring that just dazzled in the sunlight. 🥰 Just as I thought it was impossible to be any happier, Brendon then got out his phone and showed me a video of him asking my 94 at the time year old Grandpa and head of the family for permission. I am not one to hold onto wedding traditions, but this just meant the world to me and a very precious memory I can hold onto forever.

By this point I’m hysterically crying and it all felt like a dream.

We rang all our family to let them know (not that it was a huge surprise to them) and then it was on to surprise number 3! In the back on my mind I thought maybe our parents had some champagne on ice or something with this surprise but frankly nothing could have topped how I was feeling so I just couldn't get my head around yet another surprise. We arrived at the most gorgeous bar on over looking the marina and ordered champagne immediately. The idea of doing this trip on a budget like originally planned was well out the window and it's fair to say it was not the last bottled ordered that night.

After sometime to take it all in on our own, chat about plans and what we thought we wanted, unexpectedly I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around only to see two of our best friends who had come to join in the celebrations! Brendon had secretly arranged for them to fly and meet us, which now made sense why everything needed to run to time, and it did. It was perfect. The couple are really special friends to us, Brendon has known Josh for 16 years from school and since asked him to be his Best Man. His wife to be Tori I've known as long as i've known Brendon and we could not be more alike if we tried.

We ate so much tapas, drank so much Sangria and saw so many sights across the 4 days we had there.

It was honestly the best weekend of my life and I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect proposal.

Memories like this are precious and I cant wait to finally be a Fothergill!

Barcelona, you have my heart.

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