The Future of Weddings: Post Pandemic

As the 29th March is only a week away, weddings will commence for 6 again, and shortly after on 12th April, the rule of 15 will come into play.

We thought it would be a good idea to dig deeper in to whats allowed and whats not, as the roadmap for our industry is lead back to some form of normality.

Here's what we know so far, based on provisional dates that will depend on data so are subject to change.

29th March onwards:

Weddings are able to take place with up to 6 people - no longer only under "exceptional circumstances".

12th April onwards:

Ceremonies and reception are due to restart in England with up to 15 people, subject to restrictions. Ceremonies will be allowed to take place in places of worship, public buildings and venues that are already allowed to open. Receptions will only be able to take place in venues that are allowed to open during this time - during this time, pubs and restaurants will only be able to operate outdoors, and hotels are not allowed to open.

17th May onwards:

Wedding ceremonies and receptions could be able to take place with up to 30 people

21st June onwards:

The government hopes to lift all legal limits on social contact, meaning weddings as we know them should be able to go ahead again with no restrictions at all.

What a blissful thought ey?

Although it is important for us to remember these dates are subject to change, it is reassuring to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I for one know I am really confident about my August wedding, and even having a honeymoon straight away afterwards is something I have seen couples book for June onwards to visit countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Turkey which have more recently announced opening back up to tourists again.

It's been one hell of a year thats for sure, and there is no denying the hit both couples and suppliers from the weddings industry have had to take, but I remain positive that Summer brides will have the day they have dreamed of, and when saying I Do, all these postponements and uncertainty will feel like a distant memory.

Although Summer 2021 will see many couples marry, I predict there are still plenty not indefinitely sure, making 2022 one of the craziest years for weddings we have ever seen. The baby boom was a thing right?

Well The Wedding Boom is going to be for sure and we can't wait to see what it brings!

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