We're so ready for it right? Blue skies, birds tweeting, golden hour, picnics in the park, BBQ's, visiting family, hugging friends, WEDDING SEASON!

After the announcement earlier in the week, I think many of us are feeling as though there is finally light at the end of whats been a very dark, covid ridden, tunnel.

Although we have been given dates that are not set in stone for weddings to commence as normal, just the news of possibly no restrictions at all come June is a huge relief for Summer 2021 couples.

Positivity in the air is something we all needed, but equally the news has not been easy for couples holding out to get married before hand, but remember however you spend your day, whether you go ahead as a micro wedding, or have postponed to guarantee those large numbers, its your day, your way.

It's just nice to have a date to work towards don't you think?

What are you looking forward to the most? For me, its the night before the wedding as much as the wedding day. Finally getting together with my mum, sister and best girls in one room.

Handing out those matching pjs, bridal party gifts, mother of the bride providing enough food to feed the entire wedding guest list, MOH on shot duty, hanging your dress on the door on that beautiful bridal hanger, getting those designer shoes out their perfect little box, going to bed one last time as a miss...

Ahhhh the excitement is just too much,

I hope you can feel it too.

Concept and Editor: Georgie Williams, Key is in the Detail

Photographer: Georgie Williams, Key is in the Detail

Bridal Dresses & Accessories: Elite Bridal

Florist: Wonderland Blooms

Balloons: Balloon and Me

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