Millions of us now have experienced it, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier when your should have been wedding day rolls around. There are mixed emotions that we don't always talk about, the time referring to what you should have been doing and lump in your throat when you think about it for too long. However, what we must all remember including Lucy and Claudio who should have been tying the knot today, is that love ALWAYS wins. When you day comes, it will be beautiful and better than you could have imagined and actually this gut wrenching feeling of we should now be married, will all feel like a distant memory.

There are things we can do to add some positivity to our should have been wedding days.

For Lucy and Claudio it was reflecting on how they met, their engagement and all the many happy years together they have to look forward to. We asked Lucy to give us the details.

How did you meet?

Claudio and I met at Sixth form, Claudio was in the year above me at high school but chose to repeat the first year of sixth form so we ended up being in the same geography class. The first time I really remember us talking was when Claudio asked to use my pencil sharpener and the rest is history. We are from the generation of MSN so before we started officially going out we would spend hours talking online. We have now been together nearly 13 years. We were meant to marry on our 13th year of being together on the 16th May 2021, but unfortunately due to the situation we have had to postpone so will now marry next year instead.

Tell us about the proposal?

Claudio took me on a surprise holiday for my birthday at the end of November in 2018. A very close friend of ours lives in Germany so on the morning of the proposal she surprised me at our apartment. The three of us drove to Neuschwanstein castle which I thought was just a day out but it became one of the best days of my life. Claudio and Franzi jumped over a fence so we could take some photos of us with the castle in the background but little did I know that instead of Franzi taking photos she was filming and Claudio got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked and couldn’t stop crying! It was so perfectly planned out and I found out after that Franzi had in fact been to the castle a few weeks before to find Claudio the perfect spot to propose.

Engagement shoot details - tell us more?!

The location of our pre wedding shoot was Frensham ponds which is located next to our venue. We had been on a couple of walks previous and really like the feel of the woodland with the beach. It's like two different landscapes meeting but it works so well. I chose to wear a dress from Silk Fred by Style Cheat that had a ditsy floral print. I had tried on many wrap dresses previously but once I put this one on, I knew it was the one. It fitted very nicely around the waist. I paired it with a rose gold block heel from New Look and then wore a pair a brown sandals on the beach.

Claudio went for a classic white shirt from French connection with a pair of dark blue trousers. We don't often get fully dressed up especially due this pandemic so it was nice to do my hair and make up and see Claudio in a shirt.

I was very nervous and we were going to postpone the shoot because I really wanted to have some beautiful golden hour photos. In classic British weather style, it didn't look like it was going to play ball. However our photographer Sophie reassured me that we would still capture some beautiful photographs with the lighting. When we were on our shoot I was a little nervous to begin with as you don't really know how to stand but Sophie was very good with her direction and Claudio helped me feel relaxed. I was most excited about receiving the photos as back then the hope of our wedding actually happening was so uncertain so it was going to be the pick me up I needed.

I would also say if you are nervous about being in front of the camera or have never done anything like this then I would definitely recommend booking a pre wedding shoot. Also it’s a great way to build a relationship with your photographer as they are probably going to take some of the most important photos of your life.

Finally, the should be wedding date, how will you be spending it? We are going away for the weekend, as its our anniversary on the same day! It will be lots of prosecco and time in the hot tub! I also got my nails done with some cute nail art, given I wont have my wedding band on my finger, I thought I would add it to my nail instead!

I have felt very mixed emotions this week, to be honest I don't think it's hit me fully that I'm not getting married this weekend as after this last year it been so different and nothing feels normal anymore! Im sure on Sunday I'll share a few tears but our day will come soon and after the year the bridal industry has had, it's so important to remember that love always wins and although so many brides including myself now have had to postpone or change plans, it's very important to remember why we are getting married and this situation we have all been put in definitely has reminded me why I'm marrying Claudio. Having our pre wedding shoot during these times has given me something positive to look back on!




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