Wise words from future Bride Abby Restall, don't you think?

After an unexpected engagement in Tenerife with family and family friends for her mums big birthday, the last thing Abby was expecting was to come home engaged. However, like a true gent, Patryk waited until the last day to surprise the whole family, and most of all Abby.

"On the final day we went for lunch at a restaurant that overlooks the sea and, just before we left our accommodation to go, he handed my mum a ring box to look after. Nobody had any idea and so naturally she was very emotional! They kept it a secret all the way to the restaurant, we went for a walk on the beach and my mum told my dad. We ate lunch and I went to the toilet. I got back and Patryk asked me to stand up asked me if I would be his wife and my response was “Are you taking the piss!”

That beautiful smile has remained on her face ever since, as they started to plan becoming Mr & Mrs.

Like many couples, Abby and Patryk wanted to make the most of being engaged and creating memories to look back on in the future of happy times. One of Abby's favourite places that holds many fond memories is the coast of Llandudno where the pair will walk the dogs whenever its possible for fresh air and sunshine when escaping the city of London. It's clear to see why this idyllic spot is popular for these two.

Capturing these special moments is so important. If there's anything this last year has shown us is that life is precious and we should be making the most of every opportunity, smiling more, hugging tighter and certainly making memories. Abby totally agreed that this was an essential to her wedding planning journey and explained why it should be essential in yours too.

" I would highly recommend making the most of your pre-wedding or engagement shoot. It will give you chance to get to know how the photographer works and give them the opportunity to see you as a couple. It’s also a lovely opportunity to take some time as a couple too, within your wedding planning. You can easily get wrapped up in the admin side of it - arranging suppliers and getting everything sorted. Really relish any opportunity to stop and enjoy the process. You’ll only get this lead up once so make the most out of it all - from the engagement all way into married life."


Having keep sake photographs is one thing, but sometimes when it comes to making decisions for engagement shoots, it can be quite hard. We recommend working with your chosen wedding day photographer if you can, as this can break the ice and create a much more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere before your wedding day. Abby told us "One of the main reasons we chose Emily Kate Photography was for her amazing ability to capture beautiful natural shots. They’re my favourite. She captures emotions in every photo - literally freezing time."

Deciding on your photographer isn't the only consideration of the day though either, aside from location and timing, which your photographer can advise on if you wish by the way, the thing that it totally up to you is your style. This is an opportunity to express yourself in anyway you wish, so own it.

Abby opted for keeping the pre-wedding shoot super chilled. Just as they would be on a normal day. Jeans, sandals (and then the casual Something Pretty Wedding Shop bride tee or For The Love Of Pearls wife jacket thrown in for good measure!) just dressed how we would be if there wasn’t a photographer there she said. "I wanted to make the pre-wedding photos as different to the wedding as possible to give us a mixture of photos to look back on in future" Abby told us.

We think you rock the casual chic Bride to Be look Abby!

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, we look forward to hearing about the big day!

Editor: Key is in the Detail

Bride: Abby Restall - Insta: brideytowifey

Photographer: Emily Kate Photography

Denim Jacket: For The Love Of Pearls

Bridal Tee: Something Pretty Wedding Shop

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