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month of Co-ordination

The Golden Sunset Package
Because from dusk until dawn, we will be by your side 


does this sound like what you need?

The Coordination of your wedding starts well before the day itself. In fact, in order for us to execute your plans, we would recommend meeting at your venue for a run through 6 weeks before the day. By this point you will have done amazingly planning your wedding day and have found all your perfect suppliers with little to no planning left but you do want to be able to relax now, enjoy the wedding countdown and everything that comes with it. The countdown is so much fun so you do not want to be stressing about who's doing what in the morning and when to tell suppliers to arrive, we will take care of that for you. You will also have access to our 24h on call advice service from this 6 week countdown too. 

The KIITD team will be on hand to make sure it all comes together exactly as you wish and with 10+ years in this industry, you can be sure to rely on us. We will discuss together, point by point, all details of your wedding day, to make sure we have a full understanding of your vision. We will help you finalise the timeline for the day, we will contact all suppliers to confirm all briefs, arrival times and services. Most importantly, we will be there on your wedding day to take great care of you, so that you can truly enjoy the day to the fullest from the crack of dawn into the night. 


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