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Design & Concept

The Day Dream Package
Turning your wedding vision into a reality in just one day 


does this sound like what you need?

There are many elements to designing your wedding day and making sure that how you imagine it to look can be brought to life on the day. There is no denying your suppliers will help you do this, but you need to start from the very beginning to make sure everyone is working from the same page and most importantly you can be confident that everything is in order for the big day, signed, sealed and wedding planner proofed by yours truly.


This Daydream package will allow you to spend the day with us either in person virtually to run through your wedding from the top. We start by designing your mood board and streamlining all your ideas, discussing the moods you want to create and the vibe across your wedding celebrations, the textures, materials and colours used throughout to ensure a cohesive style throughout. 

We will also recommend suppliers, fix up your timeline, talk you through stationery timings and help collate templates for you to track budgets, RSVPs and menu choices. Of course, this is the perfect time to make the most of having a 1-2-1 wedding planner at your disposal for any other stresses or questions you have stumbled across. With over 10 years' experience, we can help with it all and that's a promise.

Perfect for those that need the professional eye of a wedding planner, but not wanting to hand over the reins and instead looking for guidance and a fun exciting day to reignite the spark of wedding planning again with this consultancy service including lunch, coffee or even cocktails! 

*6 hours can be split across various days or evenings to suit each couples requirements if preferred.

Full days would be weekends only. 


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